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Squire Mech Engineering (Pvt) Ltd,

Dear Sir,

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatments at Batticoloa

We refer to Inspection carried out at your Premise regard to the anti termite treatments. Now we pleased to submit our work details.

We are an innovative pest Control Company almost existing More than 10 years in the pest control industry. We are a company which has the ISO 9001:2008 Standard Certificate and approved by the Registrar of Pesticides Sri Lanka and Supported by National Pest Management Association of America & Singapore Pest management Association & Indian pest management Association. There fore our company has excellent opportunity to obtain international technical information and consultation. Considering last five years we are very glad to say that we have done more than 3000 Termite treatment jobs all over the island, Including Government and private sector. When we consider the last three or four decades, most wood products, home & buildings in Sri Lanka have been attacked by Termites. But Those Wood Products and home structures had to be protected if they have done termite protection. When you’re building a new home or a building you have to expend only very few percentage for Anti termite treatment

As a professional pest control company customer satisfaction is the primary goal of our company. to adhere our goals we’re following Integrated Pest management (I.P.M) Those steps are

▪ Inspection.
▪ Identification of pests.
▪ Establishment of threshold levels of pest activity.
▪ Employment of appropriate control and/or management measures. ▪ Evaluation of effectiveness of the control and/ or management measures.

Also we’re following Pest control standards Introduced by British Pest control association. Our executives and technician people have been well trained according to international professional pest control standard. As well as we’re using all the modern equipment which are using by international pest control company. so we invited you to give us an opportunity to treat your home and see the different.

We turn pest world up side down

So don’t hesitate to call us on Harsha 0773221241 or Chinthaka 0773242119 for further information.

We remain assuring you our best attention at all times

Thanks in advance.

Termite behavior

Sri Lanka has a wide range of Termite Species, with a variety of preferred habitats and diets. There are a limited number of termites which are significant economics pest, causing damage to building and other structure. Majority of these species are subterranean termites, forming nests and tunnels under the grounds. These suberternean Termites cause more destruction to wood products and structures in homes in Sri Lanka than any other insect. Therefore, homeowners must understand termites and how they can be controlled Termites are social insects that live in highly organized colonies. Like many insects, termites have an egg, an immature, and an adult stage. There are three main types of adult: reproductive, soldiers, and workers. The reproductive include the king and queen and supplementary reproductive that produce eggs. The soldiers protect the colony from attackers such as ants. Workers are the heart of the colony. They clean and care for all other termites and forage for food (wood and paper products)

Treatment method

To prevent Termite attacks there are two types of treatments available in the Pest control industry.

Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment

This will Block the Termite pathways through the Vertical plane of building at the ground level, especially through wall floor junction gap and lateral planes of ground work.

The whole surface of the floor will be treated using the specified termeticide. Floor will be drilled and the termeticide introduced under pressure along the inner plinth walls.

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