Terminator Salvation

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Catherine V. Gonzales
Quincee L. Gonzales

Video Game Description

The video game is called Terminator Salvation. It started with a scene showing the world being invaded by cyborg and robot aliens. The player represents a human fighting against the robots. The goal of the game is (1) to shoot all the robots (2) to collect weapons for improvement of the gun (3) to protect the rescued individuals and (4) to survive the chaos. He/she (the player) holds a gun and tries to shoot the robots. Since the game has something to do with guns and wars, we think that the audiences targeted by this game are young adults and/or teens.

1. List the cognitive skills derived from playing this game.

The player develops fast reflex and fast image recognition throughout the game. Due to the pressure, the player unconsciously internalizes the character being portrayed and with that, he/she learns how to recognize the weapons, identify the robots from the humans and shoot them fast and accurately.

2. What do video games teach about effort and practice?

The game teaches the player to exert effort aiming for the target. He/she should practice the ability of shooting in order to kill the robots.

3. What do video games teach about risk-taking and trying new things?

The game teaches something that can be applied in real life. In the game, the player learns how to think logically by coming up with ideas on how to win. While in reality, we should also be critical thinker in order to survive the daily routines and challenges that come our way. The player should also think of a strategy on how to skillfully reach the goal by trial-and-error method, he/she tries something new every time to discover a faster and easier way to achieve the goal.

4. Most computer games are designed for boys (Gorriz & Medina, 2000). Look on the Internet for video games that are marketed specifically for girls. Although the content of these types of games may differ, do...
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