Terminal Hidden Meaning

Topics: Erectile dysfunction, Penis, Priapism Pages: 3 (676 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Believe it or not, this song is about ERECTION.

At first i mistook this song as about a guy having an affair. However, only after careful review of the lyrics did i realize that it's really about erectile dysfunction, sexism, family, and possibly bipolar disorder.

"...We shared that 9 o'clock ride
Oh my heart was screaming as you left your seat
Following your movements I was at your feet and..."

-this part of the song is about the man on a bus who sat beside a lady, which was implied to be a "looker" (beautiful). 

"Oh... down into the terminal both of us smiled
So... we entered the terminal just as you smiled."

-This is where his fantasy begins. the entire episode on the bus is played back in his head for a second time, but this time with a different outcome: the man and the lady know each other and agree to have a "sexual encounter" by signalling each other with a smile.

"Won't you leave out work for today?"
You asked of me then
So I phoned in sick on the way
To the home of a friend"

-in his head, the lady asked him if he could phone in sick, which he did the moment they reached the woman's house and was able to use a phone. the "friend" decribed is the lady.

"We were all alone from 10 a.m. till 3"

-both of them spent the entire day together...

"Really thought the fire had gone out of me but
You awoke the sleep of my life from gray into red
Made the weary wonder of Wall Street rise from the dead"

-the man probably had some erection problems, it is implied that the lady had effectively given him an erection.

"Could have held up budding my entire life"

-he could've maintained the erection for a long time.

"But I had to get home to the kids and the wife and so..."

-he could've had sex with the girl for a longer time, but he had a family to worry about.

"I left for the terminal where I began
Baby no, I wouldn't have left if I'd been half a man"

-so he goes back to the terminal to catch a bus back home. He...
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