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Topics: Police, Law enforcement, Crime Pages: 4 (1145 words) Published: March 31, 2013
MADS 6655.81
Contemporary Issues in Community Policing
Herbert F. Pendleton, EdD
Final Exam
Select one from each chapter and provide a one paragraph response answering the information requested. Chapter 8
1) Discuss in general rationale for learning “what works” in criminal justice in general, and for measuring (assessing and evaluating) COPPS initiatives in specific. 2) Describe the major differences between assessments (as defined in the S.A.R.A. problem solving process) and an empirical impact evaluation of a COPPS strategy. 3) Explain why the accomplishment of an actual impact evaluation is uniquely challenging for the police agency in terms of one’s knowledge, skills and abilities – and some means for acquiring the services of one who can perform such an evaluation. 4) Describe the kinds of knowledge, skills and abilities that a police officer engaged in COPPS must possess, as well as criteria for assessing an officer’s problem solving performance. 5) Explain the benefits of using suyveys for evaluation purposes. 6) Describe the benefits of an agency’s employing the CP-SAT system for its COPPS initiatives. Chapter 9

1) Explain the basic schools of thought as per Knowles and Bloom concerning the concepts of adult – and problem based learning, and apply them to training for COPPS. 2) Describe the characteristics of a learning organization, and why it is important for police agencies to become as such. 3) Delineate the unique challenges that are involved with training police officers. 4) Review how knowledge is imparted at the basic recruit academy as well as with the post academy, in-service, and roll call methods. 5) List some kinds of technologies that exist in police training. 6) Detail the means for determining officers’ training needs. Chapter 10

1) Explain in contemporary terms what is meant by diversity. 2) Delineate the historical background of police-minority relations. 3) Review whether or not the...
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