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The City Bank Limited

Date of Submission: November 28, 2006

November 28, 2006

Mr. M. Shams-Uddin Ahmed
Head of HR Training &
Development & A & I Division,
The City Bank Ltd.
Head Office, Dhaka

Subject: Submission of Term Paper on “Orientation Course for Newly Recruited MT’s”

Dear Sir:

With due respect and utmost good faith, I want to convey the fact that it is the matter of acquiring great pleasure and handy knowledge which has to be assigned with such a impressive venture of preparing a report on “Orientation Course for Newly Recruited MT’s”.

I have the opportunity to submit an elaborate term paper on the “Banking activities (Deposit collection, loans & advances and foreign exchange business)”. It has enriched my practical knowledge in the Banking arena. I tried my level best to put meticulous effort for the preparation of this report. Any shortcomings may arise as I am very much novice in this aspect.

I would like to place this Term Paper for your kind consideration.

Sincerely yours’

Ashim Kumar Saha
Management Trainee
The City Bank Ltd.

At first, I would like to thanks to the All Mighty for special blessing in completing the report. I am grateful to a number of persons for their kind advice, suggestions, directions and co-operation.

This term paper is an accumulation of many people’s effort. So, with my full honesty I would like show my gratitude to them who helped me in preparing this term paper.

First, I am thankful to the authority of The City Bank Ltd. For arranging such an wonderful and effective Orientation Course. My warmest thank goes to Mr. M. Shams-Uddin Ahmed, Head of HR Training & Development & A & I Division, CBL, HO, Dhaka, for providing me the opportunity to prepare this term paper, also for his appropriate suggestions, moral support and invaluable co-operation from time to time in completing the orientation course & preparing the term paper.

My special thanks goes to Mr. Ashutosh Debnath, Assistant Vice President, HR Training & Development, for his full help and assistance in preparing the term paper.

I am very much thankful to the whole team of The City Bank Training Institute.

However, the responsibilities of errors and omissions in the report, if any, lie with me.

Executive Summary

The Orientation Course is designed to provide a basic and proper understanding about the activities of commercial bank, basically The City Bank Ltd. In the course there is an evaluation system and this report is an integral part of the evaluation system.

The report is prepared on the basis of three weeks Orientation Course for the newly recruited MT’s. The Orientation Course helped me a lot to learn about the activities, practical environment and situation of The City Bank Ltd. And also make up a bridge between the theoretical and practical aspects.

This report is organized as follows:

Part-1: General Banking. This part contains, Banking & The City Bank Ltd., Functions & Role of Commercial Bank, Function and role of Central Bank, types of Account, opening of current & savings account, motivation of Human Resources, One stop services, Leadership, Team Building & Decision Making, Issuance of cheque, lost of cheques, Endorsement, Deposit Cycle, Ancillary Service, Liability products, City Card, Finacle / PC Banking, Customer Service, E-commerce & E- banking and Service rule of CBL & Code of Conduct.

Part-2: Loans and Advances. This part contains, Importance of Bank Credit, Types of Loans & Advances, Principle of Sound Lending, Sources of fund, Cost & uses of Fund, Types of Borrower, Credit Policy of CBL, SOD (FO/WO), Large Loan Proposal, CC (Pledge/ Hypo), Charges over Securities, CRM, CRG, Retail Banking, SME, Bank Guarantee, Lease Financing, Loan Syndication and project appraisal.

Part-3: Foreign Exchange...
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