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A Report On

Prepared For:
Mr. Md. Nazmul Hossain
Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing
University of Dhaka
Prepared By:

Md. Amir Hamza| 20|
Samsul Islam | 40|
Md. MohibulAlam | 52|
Md. Saifullah Rifat| 68|
Md. Rabinur Rahman Robin| 156|
Muktadir Nahian| 168|

Date of Submission: 17th November, 2012

A Report On

Letter of Transmittal
17th November, 2012
Mr. Md. Nazmul Hossain
Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing
University of Dhaka.
Subject: For the submission of our report on Meghna Life Insurance Company Ltd. Dear Sir,
It gives us pleasure to submit the report on the marketing strategy & barriers of Meghna life insurance Company limited in Bangladesh. It's a fantastic opportunities for us to prepare this educative & importance topics under your guidance which was also really a great experience for us to visit the company. We have worked hard to prepare this report but due to some limitations we failed to include more accurate data. We would like to give you special thank for your support through the whole report. Yours sincerely

Group: Dominion


At the very beginning we would like to express gratitude towards almighty Allah and then our Course instructor Mr.Md. Nazmul Hossain to provide not only extremely well arranged guideline to assign us an excellent company to complete our report but would also help us comfort problems in our future carrier. We also express our heartiest gratefulness to the Senior Assistant manager (training) of Meghna life insurance Company limited for giving us valuable time & information. We also thank all of our friends, class mates for their support.

Executive Summery

INSURANCE! It’s a common word in the whole business world. We can not flourished it properly in our country like others .from the birth of Bangladesh in 1971 to 2012 there is 60 insurance company here. In this period the govt, did not able to show &take any constructive initiative to make this industry as a potential sector in the economy. That’s why only 10%of the total number of population has signed as insured. People in Bangladesh is in the last fiscal year 2011-2012,at the time of implementation of the budget, the govt. had faced a huge liquidity problem in domestic market. So This problem was solved by the tax of our insurance company.

Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited is a Public Limited company which came into operation on May 05, 1996 with an Authorized Share Capital of Tk. 10 corer divided into 10,00,000 ordinary shares of Tk. 100 each. During the year 2008 this has been increased to Tk. 300,000,000 divided into 3,000,000 ordinary shares of Tk. 100 each by a decision at the EGM held on August 28, 2008. During the year 2010 denomination of shares have changed from Tk. 100 per shares to Tk. 10 per share as per decision of the shareholders in the Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) held on August 05, 2010. During the year 2011 this has been increased to Tk. 600,000,000 divided into 60,000,000 ordinary shares of Tk. 10 each as decided in the EGM held on August 04, 2011. The company has been listed with both the Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges since 04.09.05. The company is engaged in life Insurance business since its inception.

Chapter One | Findings |
| Introduction|
| Background of the report|
| Objective and scope of the report |
| Methodology|
| Limitations |
Chapter Two | Introduction of MLICL |
| Basic Function of MLICL |
| Policy Offered |
| Target group of MLICL |
| Marketing strategy of MLICL|
| Barriers of MLICL in BD|
Chapter Three | Financial Position...
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