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Part – 1Preface

Part- 2Objective of this study
Importance of the study
Methodology of the study
Limitation of the study

Part- 3Introduction
Grades of paper manufactured
Quality control
Research and Development Production & sales

Organ gram of KPM Ltd

Part-4 Pricing Aspects

Part-5 Findings and analysis [as per questionnaire]

Part-5 Problem faced by the organization
Suggestion & Recommendation Recommendation for HRM Conclusion

Part-6 Appendix


Cost Sheet



First of all I would like to be grateful to God, the merciful and the generous, who has enabled me to complete this reports. This study has been conducted on “Management practice of Karnaphuli Paper Mills Limited” .The industrial report at hand will help to know about production administrative activities, finance & accounting human resource management of KPM Ltd. And will also provide some recommendations that I feel are quite relevant and helpful for the development of KPM Ltd. For the completion of 4th year of B.B.A. (Hon’s) in the University of Chittagong, I were conducted my study on Karnaphuli Paper Mills Ltd. Chandraghona, Rangamati Hill Tracts. Here was assign to conduct study and submit a term paper Report on the same to my Honorable teacher.

I have tried to give what I believe, the level of best of my efforts to make this Report perfect one.



I would approximate to place record the precious help that I have received from different quarters in the completion of the present study. First and foremost I am obliged an obvious great arrears of appreciation to my Teacher Mr. Md. Moazzem Hossain, Department of Management studies, Chittagong university for the readiness with which he has helped me in preparing this industrial report and devoid of which this work not have been probable at all.

I like to express my tributes and gratitude to Mr.Mir Muzaffar Ali, Managing Director of KPM, for giving me the opportunities. I also want to acknowledge the guidance of Mr.Md. Abdul Awowal, store officer (Operation) of KPM and Mr. Harunor Rashid, Asst.General Manager & Dr. Khudiram vhoumik chief chemist of KPM. They briefed me and also showed the total paper making process of the KPM. I will also never forget the contribution of all managers and staff of KPM who have spared their valuable time to me. I will never forget their kind and friendly behavior. I would like to thank them and other personnel who helped me.

About the tour

It was a single day tour on KPM. Our topic is related only to the official sector. At 10 a.m. we reach to the industry. We talk with Mr. Harunor Rashid, Asst.General Manager more than two hours .Than we talk with other employees and at 3 p.m. we got permission to visit the industry. We visited all the sectors of the industry.


The main objective of the study is to know the production process, human resource of acquisition, development, motivation and maintenance sales & marketing, accounts & finance in the context of organizational performance & managerial decision making. To achieve this objective, the study focuses on the following specific aspects.

1) To know the organizational...
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