Term Paper on Interracial Marriages

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  • Published : November 17, 2009
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Chapter One – The Problem and Its Scope
Introduction 2
Statement of the Problem 4
Review of Related Literature 5
Significance of the Study 7
Scope and Limitation 9
Definition of Terms 10
Organization of the Study 12
Chapter Two – Research Design and Methodology
Research Method 14
Research Instrument 14
Research Environment 14
Research Subject 15
Research Procedure 16
Statistical Treatment of the Data 17
Chapter Three – Presentation, Interpretation and Analysis of Data 18 Chapter Four – Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations
Summary 43
Conclusion 45
Recommendations 47
Bibliography 50
Appendix A – Letters
Appendix B – Sample Questionnaires
Appendix C – Pictures
Appendix D – Respondent’s Directory

Marriage, a legally recognized relationship, established by a civil or religious ceremony, between two people who intend to live together as sexual and domestic partners. The joining together in wedlock of two people, something which supposed to be and should be considered sacred as well as wonderful. It is a in which commitment two people are bound to one another and are obligated to promise to one another that they love, care and be loyal to each other through all times. A beautiful thing…yet sadly some people do it out of what benefits they might receive from it, may it be money, fame or any other superficial thing in this world. But there are times that these people do it out of need. This brings us to talk about interracial marriages.

Interracial marriages, though in the past had been considered taboo, aren’t rare sites anymore, may it be in the Philippines or other parts of the world. However, just because now it isn’t forbidden by the law (as there was a time when there was a law made against it), it doesn’t mean that all of us give the go signal. Interracial marriages will most likely create various outcomes. These effects will not only affect the family members and friends of the spouses, they can also affect other individuals of the community. They could even affect the whole society especially now these days where there are studies which show that there has been a rise in the percentage of these marriages.

These Filipinos went into these marriages for different reasons, they could have done it for love or for the benefits that come with the spouse. Now, the reason the researchers have selected to do this study is for them to learn what people really think about these marriages and what effects it could possibly bring about the Philippine Society. Hopefully this study will be able to help the Filipino people understand these interracial couples better and to prepare the Filipino people for what changes may be stimulated by these marriages, may they be good or bad.

Statement of the Problem

The researchers aim to find out what people think about interracial marriages and what possible effects these marriages could induce to the Philippine society. They also aim to get the Filipino people ready for what alterations interracial marriages could create. While making the study, the researchers hope to answer the following questions:

o Are interracial marriages still found unusual? o What are the factors that lead to interracial marriages? o How will these marriages affect the Philippine Society?

Review of Related Literature

In the Chronicle Online, there is an article there entitled “Interracial Relationships Are On The Increase In U.S., But Decline With Age, Cornell Study Finds” which talks about the increase in number of marriages between different kinds of races through the years. It also has findings that these relationships decline with age because the youngest age bracket ranked the highest among these relationships and the middle age bracket ranked second while the oldest age bracket ranked last. Despite the fact that these...
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