Term Paper on Integreted Marketing Communication

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Communication Pages: 7 (1730 words) Published: December 3, 2012

Course Title
Principles of Marketing (101)

Submitted To :
Kasfia Ahmed Senior lecturer Department of Business Administration East West University

Submitted by:
Tanzin Sultana : 2009-2-1-212 Md. Imran Hosan : 2009-2-10-220 Mariam Aktar : 2009-2-10-222 Sanjida Islam : 2009-2-10-242 Section : 2

Semester :Spring 2010
Date Of Submission :
15 April ,2010

15 April , 2010
Kashfia Ahmed Senior Lecturer Department of Business Administration East West University 43 Mohakhali C/A Dhaka, Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of report “Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy Of Unilever ’’

Dear Madam,
We are hereby submitting a report entitled “Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy of Unilever” as part of completing our course ‘Principles of Marketing’ included in the BBA program. We have not plagiarised any of the contents in this report. This report was based on information obtained from the internet. The contents of this work are reliable and valid to the best of our knowledge. We apologise for any inadvertent mistakes made, and we shall be ready for any clearance should the need arise. Sincerely Yours,

………………..... ……………….. Tanzin Sultana Md. Imran Hosan 2009-2-10-212 2009-2-10-220

……………….. …………………. Mariam Akter Sanjida Islam 2009-2-10-222 2009-2-10-242


Table of Contents

Executive Summery

Communication Process:
1.Sender: In this advertisement Unilever is the sender of Pond’s white beauty. 2.Encoding: In this magazine advertisement they have included their logo, brand name (POND’S), their product which is POND’S white Beauty cream. 3.Message: their message is simple and clear. It says that “ POND’S white beauty reduces spots and lighten skin in just 7 days ” 4.Media: Media of this advertisement is a magazine.

5.Decoding: A model is shown with her skin light and even toned hence we can reach the conclusion that after using POND’S White Beauty she has gained her spot free and light complexion. 6.Receiver: Since this Supplement issue was sent with the Daily newspaper, the receivers are people who are customers of the news paper.

Steps of Developing Effective Market Communication:
1.identifying target audience : For this advertisement the target audience consists of females since the product is for females . The ladies must be literate and has to know English , because this advertisement is given in English . 2....
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