Term Paper on Fm Radio of Bangladesh

Topics: Frequency modulation, Radio, AM broadcasting Pages: 10 (2765 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Chapter One

This report is based on the survey on the opinion about FM revolution in Bangladesh. As our course requirement was to prepare a term paper based on survey so we have selected FM industry as our project area. FM industry has taken a different look in our country now-a-days with the launch of three private FM stations. So the recent craze or popularity of FM stations is a very contemporary issue and can be referred as FM revolution. Therefore, we decided to conduct a survey to find out which is the most popular FM station and why? As Radio Today, Radio Foorti and Radio Amar are mostly listened so all of our questions for survey were asked regarding these three private FM stations. We surveyed 25 people aged from 15 to 27. Our questions were set in a manner so that we can find out which is the most popular FM station among Radio Today, Radio Foorti and Radio Amar and reason behind its popularity. We believe studying the popularity issues of FM stations would give us a comprehensive understanding of the current communication pattern in the media and it will expand our learning of this course of Business Communication.

We have divided the objective of this report into two parts. One is general and the other is more specific. These objectives are stated below:

General Objectives

General objective of this report is to conduct a survey to find out which is the most popular FM station and why. To meet this goal we conduct a survey on 25 people aged from 15 to 27. According to the result of the survey we have developed this report. During our survey we aimed to understand some specific criteria which can be regarded as our specific objective. These are as follows:

Specific Objectives

To find out the most popular FM station and reason behind its popularity we specified our questioner to the criteria as follows: Rating of popularity
Major criteria for popularity
General complains of listeners

We have collected our data from both primary source and secondary source. We have mostly used our textbooks and the Internet as the vehicle of the secondary source. In addition for our primary source of information we have conducted a survey on 25 people aged from 15 to 27. Then we have studied the gathered data and find the actual information of our project. We also use some graphs and tables to represent data in a grouped manner.

We believe that the future scope of this report can be of very wide range. As FM industry has proved to be a promising sector in media of Bangladesh so knowledge of popularity trends of this sector is very helpful regarding to conduct future research. Our report also provides a clear and specific idea of the current program features of FM stations, complains and suggestions of listeners. So for developing a popular FM station this report can provide innovative ideas and suggestions after further research.

We acknowledge that our report is not a comprehensive representation of all the information regarding FM industry. These discrepancies are primarily due to the fact that our aim was to conduct a report which is very short and precise. So we only put focus on our specific objectives. As a result we put emphasis on recently launched three private FM stations. As our sample size of the survey was also very few so it is natural that we have able to cover a very precise and specific area regarding this report. Regardless, we have furnished the report to the best of our ability and we are willing to change any part of our report in light of new and credible information.

Chapter Two

Recent times have seen an upsurge in FM industry in Bangladesh. Specially Private sector FM (frequency modulation) band radio channels are becoming popular with the people in and around the Dhaka city, mainly to the students and young generation, for their differences in the presentation style and variation in news and other programs. Apart from the in-house...
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