Term Paper on Dogs

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Research Paper on Dogs
There are two types of dogs on the planet, working dogs and worthless dogs. If you are a pet lover I should now have your attention. Yes, I know if you have a dog that is just a pet they can supply needed love or companionship but there is a class of dogs out there that can do this while earning their keep, working dogs. There are many uses for working dogs such as hunting, herding, guarding, rescue work, police work, and more. The two types of working dogs I wish to share some information about is Police Patrol Dogs and Police Detector Dogs.

In the high technology world we live in today you would think there would be some machine, computer, robot or other piece of equipment made to do anything that needs to be done. The fact is that something’s still must be done by humans, animals, or both. Take for example finding things such as people who are lost or hiding. No technology exists that is better at locating people than a Patrol, Scout, Tracking, or Rescue Dog. Detector Dogs are also king of their domain when it comes to finding substances like drug or explosives.

The principals that people use to train Military Police Dogs all revolve around the dogs basic needs. The needs people manipulate or the way in which they manipulate them differ greatly from patrol dogs to detector dogs.

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Take for example patrol dogs the biggest need manipulated is pack inclusion. All dogs feel the need to belong to a pack. In pack terms the handler becomes the patrol dog’s alpha and the dog becomes the beta. In the pack love flows both ways from alpha to beta and back, but the alpha must always be obeyed. Keeping this concept in mind praise becomes the primary reward for the patrol dog. Prey kill is a need that is very often manipulated and used as a secondary reward. Dogs have a need to bite this is known as prey kill instinct. Creating a game in which the dog is to bite a person wearing a wrap...
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