Term Paper on Current Challenges of Personal Health Information Management (Phim)

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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Term Paper On
Current Challenges of Personal Health Information Management (PHIM)

Submitted to Md. Safaet Hossain, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, UODA

Submitted by Group 7

Date of Submission: 13 December 2011

Member Name of Group 7 NAME Manas Tripura Md. Sazzad Hussain Md. Muniruzzaman Md. Abubaker Siddique Sanjida Hoque STUDENT ID 513113019 513113022 513113023 513113024 513113025


Executive Summary
Government incentives to increase HIT will likely result in a more computerized clinical environment. Understanding the challenges can help avoid costly mistakes. The future looks promising but caution is warranted, as achievement of full benefits of HIT requires addressing significant challenges. This report recommends a comprehensive reassessment of health policies, programs, and processes, including state roles and relationships, and some immediate actions to promote and protect the nation’s health and to provide leadership in world health. The report concentrates on the challenges of current challenges of Personal Health Information Management. Unlike the current categorical, or highly specialized, approach leading to policies and programs addressing the needs of a specific population, illness, or organizational constituency, a new, comprehensive approach to policy for the 21st century should promote coordinated efforts across programs in order to achieve three goals: • Create conditions that lead to longer, healthier lives for all Americans; • Eliminate health disparities; • Protect communities from avoidable health hazards and help them to address their own health problems.


Table of Illustration:
Introduction Purpose of term paper Design/ methodology Research Limitation Health Services Information System Internet Personal Health Record PHR solution types PHR & Public health Records Management Practicing Records Management Currents issues in records Management Education and Certification Electronic Records management system Key Challenges of PHIM Required Health Policymaker Findings Recommendation Originality/Value Conclusion Reference 5 6 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 13 14 17 18 19 21 22 23 23 23 24 25


Introduction: The Field of Heath care is changing rapidly. Partly due to exigencies of (Public) health care services and partly due to vociferous demands of the empowered individuals the responsibilities related to one’s personal healthcare are shifting from healthcare professionals to individuals themselves. In order to make savings in the public health care and in order to streamline the overall health care business, individuals are demanded to take more control over their own health and in some cases over the health of their relatives. At the same time individuals have become more knowledgeable about their personal health and healthcare in general and they yearn to know more. What individuals perceive as health care has changed as well. Nowadays healthcare is considered more than just a visit to a doctor. Different well-being and even fitness services have broadened the scope of health care and brought different service provides into the field. Amongst others physiotherapist, nutrition specialists and personal health trainers have found their way into the everyday life of on individuals who wants to stay fit and in good health. Health care is not just about health anymore; it has become an issue of a comprehensive well-being covering mental, physical and social dimensions. Some individuals have even gone so far in their quest for the perfect health care. That’s why nowadays it’s a most important challenge for the health care management. And on this term paper we are going to elaborate the findings and solutions of the challenges of health care management.


Purpose: Health information technology (HIT) is perceived as an essential component for addressing inefficiencies in healthcare. Without understanding the challenges that limit meaningful use of HIT, there is a...