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Term Paper On
Training & Development process on

Prepared for
Ayesha Binte Safiullah
Lecturer of Human Resource Management
Course Code: HRM 363
School of Business (UITS)

Prepared by
MD. Arefin Nafiz.……………….10510507 MD. Akther Sayed…………... 10510508 MD. Rabiul Karim………………11310357 MD. Sohel Rana………………..10320704 Foisal Ahmed……………………10310622

Submission Date
Date: 23TH April, 2012

School of business
University of Information Technology & Sciences
(Baridhara campus)
Dhaka Bangladesh

Chapter – 01

CITYCELL is the good company of telecom services, they always want to serve their best. That is why, they have very strong and effective training department to train the best training to their employees. At CITYCELL the top-level management believes that their primary competitive advantage comes from their employees. In the ever-changing mobile industry, all of they must continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge in order to maintain this competitive advantage. Their training programs are based on the job natures and the performance of the employees. Their goal is to attract, retain and motivate the very best and to do that they support training, development and business education.

Origin of the report
This report was assigned to us by course instructor of “Human Resource Management” department of BBA University of Information, Technology & Science, at early in the semester and proposed to submit on 19th December, 2011. It is given to know the real life situation in so that we can increase our knowledge simultaneously beside the theory in the book. Objectives

Primary objective: The primary objective of this project is to learn about the training and Development process of the CITYCELL mobile company. Report objective:
• To give detailed information about training and development process of the company. • To focus on the major activities of training and development process and under which division these work. • Show how this activities relate with the organization overall strategy and objective. • To know how affectively these activity work for the company. • To focus on the extent and nature of any formal evaluation of the activity’s effectiveness.

Scope of the report
The report covers the different aspect and activities etc that are required to gather knowledge about “Training & Development process”. The researcher’s own judgment and also from the internet. The finding is strictly structure upon information provided by these sources and some. The focus hare is on presentation of facts as discovered.

• Lack of time for preparing the report.
• We cannot give the full concentration in this report because of some other report. • Related person’s unwilling to provide information in interview.

Methods of collecting the data
• Identification of Business
• Survey and Observations
• Analysis of the Information
• Put all together to prepare the report

Chapter – 02

Company Overview

About CITYCELL Company
CITYCELL (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited) is Bangladesh’s and South Asia’s pioneering mobile communications company in the country. CITYCELL is a customer-driven organization whose mission is to deliver the latest in advanced telecommunication services to Bangladesh. The company offers a full array of mobile services for consumers and businesses that are focused on the unique needs of the Bangladeshi community. CITYCELL’s growth strategy is to integrate superior customer service, highest standards of technology and a choice of packages at affordable rates. CITYCELL is focused on innovation and creating new ways for customers to stay in touch and to do business. CITYCELL is offering a wide range of competitive...
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