Term Paper Guidelines

Topics: Citation, Typography, Standardization Pages: 2 (273 words) Published: September 8, 2011

1. Title Page
2. Table of Content
3. References
(Use APA format of referencing)

Short bond paper
Line spacing – 1.5pt
Font - Arial 11
Alignment - Justify
Page number – upper-right corner (Arial 9)
Margin – Top and Left (1.5”
-Bottom and Right ( 1.0”
Submit using clip-binder. NO folder please

Title Page

Content Proper
A. Background
(Discuss origin, technical committee, and rationale for SQuaRE) B. Framework of SQuaRE
(Discuss in general the components of this diagram)
C. Components of SQuaRE
(Discuss in detail the components of SQuaRE such as 2501n, 2502n,...etc) D. Implications of SQuaRe with other Software Engineering ISO standards (Discuss the effects of SQuaRE with other standards (like 14598, 9126, others) E. Organizations which have used Square

(3 organization/ companies) Discuss general overview of the company. Its strategies in using SQuaRE, and their learnings in its utilization F. Conclusion
Summary of the term paper and it may include:
- Potential of the standard
- Possible future works related to the standard
(NOTE: This is a mini-research. As such you are expected to do a scholarly work, bearing in mind that you need to acknowledge materials owned by other persons (authors) that you will be using in this study. There must be NO COPY AND PASTE. In doing so you must do the following: 1. Synthesis materials that you have gathered.

2. Re-phrase the materials that you intend to include in this study. 3. Acknowledge your references in in-text citation, as well as in the reference section.

ISO 25000

submitted to:
Roselle S. Basa
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