Term Paper Guidelines

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The Term Paper Report should be written using General Guidelines below and should contain the following parts:

1.   Pretext page
Cover page
Title Page
Abstract Page
Acknowledgements (optional)
Table of Contents
List of Figures (If Applicable)
List of Tables (If Applicable)
List of abbreviations and symbols (If Applicable)

2.    Introduction (2pages)
3. Literature Review (3pages)
4. Discussion Acknowledgement
Table of Contents

Pretext Page

Cover Page

5. Conclusion and Recommendation (1page)
6. References (1page)
7. Appendices

Guidelines on Content

Cover Page – the page should display:

Name of Institute
Students Full Name (as it appears on the Faculty Register)
Students ID Number (as it appears on the Faculty Register)
Internship Start and Finish Dates

Cover Page should be in standard format as shown below



Student Name :
Student ID NO :

Title Page should be in standard format as shown below


Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree

Of …………………………………………

Month, Year

Abstract, Acknowledgement And Table Of Content

Describe where your internship/work was conducted (name of company, department, location, type of business). Summarize your internship goals, activities, and accomplishments, highlighting key knowledge or skills gained. How did this internship benefit you, and how did it benefit the company? The abstract is limited to half page. It should be 1.0 line-spaced, using only one side of the paper, and should be within the internship report margin requirements. Acknowledgement/Dedication

If you wish, you may include a page with a brief note of dedication or acknowledgment of help received from specific individuals.

Declaration – it should read as below
I, the undersigned, declare that this Internship Report is my original work and that it has not been presented in any other University or Institution for academic credit. Student full name and ID ………………………………………………………………….. Signature ………………………….. Date……………………....

Table of Content
Internship report should have a Table of Contents for the convenience of the reader. If figures or tables are used in the text, a separate List of Figures or List of Tables should be included as per pretext page guidelines

Introduction of the Organization and Problem Analysis
This chapter should include the following:

Branch of trade / field
Structure (size, departments)
Field of (business) activity / responsibilities
Problem analysis [description of challenges the intern experienced( but should be managemnt related and not personal issues)]
This section should answer the following questions:
What is the full title of the organization? Give a brief history of the company, full mailing address and relevant web links. What is the type of ownership of the organization?
What sector does the organization operates in?
Provide an organizational chart of the organization
What are the problems observed
How the problems outlined affect the organization
Why management should pay attention to the problems

Literature Review
Students should place their internship/work in the context of their area of study/specialization e.g. marketing, finance etc. As candidates for an undergraduate degree, they should demonstrate your familiarity with the literature that is relevant to their experience, and ability to evaluate that literature critically, and to apply it in the practical circumstances of the internship i.e. in relation to the problem analysis. Include minimum of five(5) references in your literature review. Discussion

How has knowledge acquired...
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