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The Amazing World of Laughter & it Super Healing Power

A Book Review
Presented to
Managing Director
UM Fitness & Wellness Centre

In Partial Fulfilments
Of the Requirements in
PE 2, 7089, 2012-2013
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A lot of people could have been cured had they learned to laugh. More life losses could have been prevented had they laughed their problems off. After exposure to laughter, there is a general increase in activity within the immune system including an increase in the number of activity of bad cells that causes viral infected cells and some type of cancer and tumor cells. It was found that after exposure to humor there was an increase in activated T-cells (T-lymphocytes) also the following were noted; increase in the antibody IgA (immunoglobulin A) which fights upper respiratory tract infection, increase in gamma interferon which tells various components of the immune system to “turn on”; increase in IgB, the Immunoglobulin produced in greatest quantity in the body, and an increase in compliment free, which helps antibodies to pierce dysfunctional or infected cells. Laughter is the best medicine. There is indeed a built-in healing mechanism that is activated when we laugh. Laughing relaxes the muscles, and brings rejuvenation to the organs of the body. Laughter has a tremendous curative power. Indeed laughter cures almost all ailments and diseases even without the aid of any medication.


Laughter helps eases the brain and lessees the tension and psychological stress of the people, and it also helps to gain more knowledge and also enhance the learning of a single being. There are different sounds of laughter like ringing, pealing, and others. It helps to improve our emotional core and make us healthy and enjoying. Laughter consists of two attributes, the set of gestures and the production of sound, there are so much changes when we laugh, our different kinds of our bodies occur changes if ever we laugh. Laughter makes us better in such things as a superior leader because we can control the moon of the people around us when we laugh, we can also attract people to our side if we can enjoy things and laughs things together. Laughter can also make our body parts workout, like respiratory, facial, leg, back muscles, diaphragm, and abdominal, it is called an aerobic workout. Laughter is important to us to reduce stress in our daily lives, it is our weapon to cope and survive in this stressful world. Laughter is the best way to release such dangerous emotions like anger, sadness and fear. Laughter can become a conciliatory gesture in a threatening situation or an embarrassing situation, and when the person involves in that threatening situation and it also laughs with you, the confrontation risk may gone. It can lower the blood pressure in our blood. People who laughs regularly have lower blood pressure than other average people. Blood pressures increases when people laughs, but it then decreases back to normal after laughing. And after breathing, the oxygen is enriched the blood and nutrients throughout the body.

My Personal Laughter Health Experiences

Back at times when I was still a child, I was good at playing jokes with my parents, as time pass by, I didn’t realize I make so much relationships with other people and make friends with different people. When I start my schooling career in my life, I studied at Ed Christians School, at that school they teach about different styles to survive in this world although were still very young at that time, they trained us to be independent and can stand on our own and it was a success. We have so much fun and laughs because our teachers there are very active and supportive in our daily activities and they are really jolly to us and also shares their experience about how good life at when you keep smiling and keep forwarding even...
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