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  • Published : March 4, 2007
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Throw the Eyes of Samoa's Youth

Samoa is located about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand in the South Pacific. It is also very close to the international dateline and the equator. Samoa are islands that total in land area of approximately 2934 sq km, consisting of the two large islands named Upolu and Savai'i. The two island make must of Samoa. The other eight small islands include: Manono, Apolima, Nuutele, Nuulua, Namua, Fanuatapu, Nuusafee and Nuulopa. The main island of Upolu is home to about 30% of the Samoan population and the capital is Apia. The climate is tropical with the average temperature of 80 degree F, it has a dry and a wet season, the rainy season least from November to April. One of first things you find when reading Coming of Age in Samoa by Margaret Mead is of the infant to children experience. Present at the birth should be the father the father's mother or sister and the mother's relatives. There are also other villagers in the house as well, since birth is not seen as a private matter. Once the birth has occurred a midwife cuts the umbilical cord, the child is a boy the cord is put into the sea in hopes that he will be a skilled fisher man, is it is a girl it is buried under a paper mulberry tree in hopes that she will do good in household tasks. As early as birth we can see the future sway of Samoan society. Babies are always nursed and given other food with in a week of their birth. After two to three years of nursing they are weaned and given to a young girl in the family to take care of the child. In the Samoan society children raise children in a sense. Young children mostly girls are in charge of taking care of a child. The head "nursemaid" is usually a child of six or seven years old, she is to keep order among the children. Very young children are not disciplined extremely often the load of the punishments usually falls on the oldest child. "… where there are duly constituted elders in authority to punish the older children...
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