Term Paper About Yemenis Culture

Topics: Marriage, Family, Saudi Arabia Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Yemen’s Culture

Growing up from different parts of the world there can be many different religions and cultures. Things that consist in that culture or religion could be a full time house wife, arranged marriages, women being allowed to have a certain number/gender of kids. In Yemen things are a lot different from what I am accustomed to, because under law all citizens are equal. Women are known to be mothers, sisters, and wives who perform household duties; while the males are seen as financial providers in the outside world, responsible for the well being and prestige of the family. Most marriages are arranged by the families. In most cases the woman’s father is approached about what she wants before the marriage contract is prepared. The Shari ’a law allows a man to marry up to four wives if he treats them all as equals. Either side (male or female) is capable of requesting a divorce. If the couple has children and is up to seven years of age it will remain with the mother if she has not remarried. Mothers are responsible for the care of young children, and older daughters so that they are taking an active part in raising their siblings. When the young boys turn a certain age they learn to help out the father. If they get into an altercation, they will be separated by adults. Cultural values would include hospitality, good manners, and respect for elders. Guests are not supposed to exceed no more than three cups of coffee or tea. In a market place one is expected to enjoy the process of saving money. Most Yemenis practice Islam, which includes praying multiple times of day. When someone dies they bury the body before sunset. The body of the deceased is washed, perfumed, and wrapped in a white, unseamed shroud. Women are not to accompany the body to the gravesite; they usually wait outside the cemetery. Yemenis eat three times a day. The traditional diet varies locally and socially. They prepare special dishes for Ramadan fast. At wedding celebrations and...
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