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Topics: Coffee, Hamburger, Food Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: March 9, 2013
I. Background of the Business
Minute Burger is the trademark of a chain of burger stores catering to consumers looking for great value, quick service and excellent meals. The Minute Burger Company was established in 1982, when the Philippine market was very much into “fast food” and had begun to see burgers in a different light! At a time when big burger joints mushroomed in prime locations in the metropolis, Minute Burger decided to go “mobile” – venturing into “your very own neighborhood” in the smaller town streets and alleys of Metro Manila. With its trademark yellow and orange exteriors and delicious, home-made style burgers, the first Minute Burger mobile store in a gasoline station in Pasig City was an instant hit.

By 2020, Minute Burger shall be the Quick Service Food Chain of Choice for the value conscious consumer by providing innovative and environmentally sustainable food products and services that meets global standards through operational excellence; aided by highly competent employees and franchise partners with a shared mindset to create memorable experiences and to also achieve local and international expansion.

To create positive customer experience

The products of minute burger are offering fast foods like burger, namely: Minute Burger, Double Minute Burger, Cheese dog, Cheese burger, Double cheese burger, Chicken time, Double chicken time, Chicken time with cheese, Chick n Dog, And beverages, namely:

Cold drinks (Iced choco, iced coffee, iced mocha), Hot drinks (coffee, choco, mocha), Peach mango, red iced tea.

II. Conclusion
I therefore conclude that Minute Burger is a one stop snack stall that offers buy one take one burgers and drinks with different variants to choose with affordable price. Minute Burger serves 24/7 which is accessible for every customer. III. Recommendation

The recommendation I proposed for Minute Burger is to expand their building because it lacks space. It cannot...
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