Term Paper About 48 Laws of Power

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Out of the 48 laws of power, we have to choose 5 that we liked the most and then we have explain why? The 1st is law 1 “Never Outshine the Master”. I like this law because just by reading the law itself gives you a definition. You always want to please your boss, make him/her feel good as well as look good in the eyes of the people around him/her. In order to do that, all the credits goes to him/her, you need to give back all the praises that you’ve received to him/her. Like how he/she inspired you to do such a good job or how he/she gave instructions or tips, to do such an amazing presentation, it needs to be about HIM. HE is in the limelight and you’re just in the backstage making sure that he/she looks good. The 2nd is Law 7 “Get others to do the Work for you, but Always Take the Credit”. This law I believe works not only for those people who has the authority over the people but people who has the power to persuade people, I think they’re more clever because they made use of the resources that they have to finish something and all the credit goes to you. You did nothing but still all the praises belongs to you. We all know time is gold, so every hand that you can get to help you to finish your job is very much welcome and besides why will you do things that other people can do for you right? The 3rd is Law 19 “Know Who you’re Dealing with – Do Not Offend the Wrong Person”. From what I’ve understood, you should know who you’re going to be friends with and who to be not. You should also be very careful when it comes to speaking. Think before you talk, who wouldn’t want to mess with the wrong people right? The 4th is Law 26 “Keep Your Hands Clean”. I liked this law because it teaches us to be that we can still do all the things that we want, we just have to use other people’s hand so that your image will still be spotless and people still respects you And the last is Law 40 “Despise the Free Lunch”. Like me I’m a Chinese, I personally don’t like...
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