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Topics: Ethics, Facial recognition system, Software engineering Pages: 9 (2888 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Discussion Questions

1. What do you think are the most important factors that helped you define your own personal code of ethics? 2. It is common and acceptable practice for managers to hold people accountable to meet “stretch” goals, quotas, and budgets. How can this be done in way that does not encourage unethical behavior on the part of employees? 3. How do you distinguish between a gift and an bribe? Provide an example of a “gift” that falls in the gray area between a gift and a bribe. 4. Discuss the following topic: Laws do not provide a complete guide to ethical behavior. An activity can be legal but not ethical. 5. Identify and briefly discuss four reasons why computer incidents have become more prevalent. 6. Do you believe that spam is actually harmful? Why or why not? 7. Why employers do monitors workers? Do you think they should be able to do so? Why or why not? 8. Do you think that law enforcement agencies should be able to use advanced surveillance technology, such as surveillance camera combined with facial recognition software? Why or why not? 9. Do you think further efforts to limit the dissemination of pornography on the internet are appropriate? Why or why not? 10. Discuss the ways in which a software manufacturer can protect the unauthorized use of its software. Which do you think is the best way for a software manufacturer to protect new software? Why? 11. Discuss the conditions under which a company’s customer list can be considered a trade secret. 12. Identify the three criteria you consider to be most important in a quality system. Briefly discuss your rationale for selecting these criteria. 13. Explain why the cost to identify and remove a defect in the early stages of software development might be 100 times less than the cost of removing a defects in software that has been distributed to hundreds of customers. 14. Why is the human interface one of the most important but difficult areas of safety critical systems? What must the system designer consider? 15. Why is it difficult to quantify the benefits of IT investments on worker productivity? Discuss the question fully. 16. Explain how increases in worker productivity can lead to an increase in the standard of living. 17. What do you see as the most significant advantages and disadvantages of telework? 18. Do you think that college instructor – student friendships on social networking Web sites are appropriate? Why or why not? 19. Do you believe that viewing videos depicting violence can incite others to behave violently? 20. Which steps of the whistle – blowing process are most important? Why? ANSWER:

I think the most important factors that helped me define my own personal code of ethics, is that I should know myself first. What are the things that I like, and what are the goals that I’d liked to achieved. Then these guidelines will help me to improve my way of living. As a professional we should consider our personal code of ethics.

Developing my own personal code of ethics is one of the most important things that i can do for myself. A personal code of ethics puts my ideas and philosophies that are the essence to life and allows me to say I will do this because I believe this.  Though I believe in my own code of ethics I will consider also the feelings of others, because It may be right for me but not for them.

If I were the manager, I will encourage them to do their job in a way that is ethical. They should not commit any unacceptable action like for example, in meeting the “stretch” goals, quotas, and budgets of an employee they should not offer bribe, they should work hard and maintain their ethical principles. Train them well.

Manager themselves should be the role model in doing the right thing. As a role model managers should not be shouting nor humiliating people in front of other employees. Be a responsible and respect also the feelings of your...
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