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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Human Resource Challenges
Nania Staggers
OMM618: Human Resources Management
Dr. Heather Strouse
November 4, 2012

Human Resource Challenges
Managing the human resources within an organization is one of the most important functions that must be completed efficiently, if an organization strives to be competitive and successful in their industry. The level of effectiveness and strength within human resource departments will ultimately become the determents as to whether an organization can be victorious in overcoming the many obstacles they face within the company. As a result, human resource departments are under great pressures in today’s business environment. In order to expand on that point of view, it would be beneficial to explore the issues associated with the aging workforce and effectively managing human capital which are among the biggest challenges facing human resource departments in current times. THE AGING WORKFORCE

The aging workforce is one of the challenges faced by human resource departments in many organizations. “Organizations run the risk of losing great stores of knowledge from impending retirement of larger numbers of baby boomers” (Thomas, 2008, pg. 406). Baby boomers have acquired large amounts of knowledge and expertise during their working careers. For example, older employees have a great deal of tacit knowledge as compared to their younger counterparts. Tactic knowledge is not easily transferrable because it is “informal and uncodified and exists in the heads of employees and in the experiences of the organization” (Thomas, 2008, pg. 410). While human resource departments may try to implement steps to transfer knowledge, such as the best way to handle a very important but unruly client, to actually pass such knowledge from one worker to another is easier said than done. Therefore, when more tenured employees retire the organization can be at risk...