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The Connection Between Abortion and Mental Health
Mary Kate Fletcher

The Connection between Abortion and Mental Health

Do abortions really have short and long term side effects on woman? This is the question many people wonder about, but a lot of people do not know the answer. It is said that by the age of 45, two out of every five woman have had an abortion procedure. In the United States, there has been 1,300,00 abortions annually performed. Many people do not realize the side effects having an abortion can cause. Many time young teenage girls are pressured by their boyfriends or parents to have one, without truly understanding the emotional baggage that can haunt you afterwards. In some cases, it may be the appropriate thing to do, but I do believe everyone should at least research it more to find out if it really is the right decision for them.

The abortion procedure can cause short-term side effects as well as long-term side effects. Some of the short- term side effects are frequent uterine pain, excessive uterine bleeding, pelvic infection, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, incomplete abortion, vomiting, and in some extreme cases, death. These side effects can be very dangerous and even fatal, which is why they need to be taken seriously and woman but research and think through their options thoroughly as well.

As well as short-term side effects, there are also long-term side effects linked to abortions. Many woman who have had abortions, have substance abuse problems. They feel lost or alone about having the abortion and need an “escape” or way out from this pain. This does not happen to all women who have experienced an abortion, but it is a risk factor. Another long-term side effect could be an increased risk of getting breast cancer. Carrying a baby through a full term pregnancy actually lowers the risk of getting breast cancer than someone who has never gotten pregnant. However, when the pregnancy is ended, the...
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