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Topics: Video game, Entertainment Software Rating Board, Video game controversy Pages: 13 (5060 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Effect of Violence
Video and Computer Games

De’Vaughn Rushing
CS 320
Instructor: Wasmundt K, L
Fall Semester
December 12, 2012

It is believed that constant exposure to real life and to virtual entertainment violence may bring affective and provoke behavioral processes. Also this can possibly be leading to desensitization in adolescents. I believe that exposure to video game violence sometimes may not affect how a child acts in all cases. Some I feel this is true, and some I feel that it is not true. The nature of playing video games and all of the intense engagement in these violent video games have the tendency to be translated into virtual play and may explain some negative impact, even though causalities was not involved in a lot but very few crimes amongst youth. Children with low exposure to real life violence may have limited to realize the identification of the relationship between real life violence and virtual video game violence. Introduction

Developments have increased many parents concerns about violent video and computer games. The surge in company sales of affordable home computers that have greater processing power and improved graphic performance year after year, and a growing number of people are playing computer games all of the time. More than half of United States population now has personal computers in their homes, or even portable lap tops and that number is rising and a speedy pace. Sales of computer games and of video game consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 system have skyrocketed. Sony in the month of November just announced that they have finally reached a total of 75 million Play Station 3’s sold around the world. Along with this surging increase in the number of people playing games there have been great improvements and developments in the graphic quality, making the characters in these games look very close to human, sophistication, and creativity of the games themselves. The future of entertainment, video games and computer games revolves around the future development of technology. Video games now days become more realistic as the years past and technology becomes more advanced. The main consumers for violent video games are children and teens. This may not always be the case because adults are becoming more engaged into video games as well. I say this because the generation that grew up playing video games, are the ones who still buy them as we are adults now. These games encourage killing and the fighting of enemies. There are sports games out there but majority are of war, killing, robbing, and assassination type genres. There are more ways of playing violent video games that are created each year. One question that has been asked year after year is, “Does violence in video games and computer games influence young people to act violently?” I personally have a mixed opinion about this question. I say that because I believe that this is not the case for everyone that engages into violent virtual video games, but for some it may be the case. Overplaying video or computer games can incite young players at an early age to act violently. Repeatedly killing and violent acts can train them to act aggressively, especially at a much younger age. Most games that are developed now days are just killing. If the player does these actions too often he can subconsciously and be unaware to learning those actions and be violent himself as he or she grows older. Playing too much violent video games can make the player of them think violence is fun in different ways. When the game is played the person can get violence mixed up with entertainment. This is also similar to a person thinking that, what they see in movies can also be re done, and it will be ok. For example the incident in Aurora, Colorado with the man that was a former college student thinking he was the joker from the batman series. He went into a movie theater and opened fire amongst innocent...
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