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Successful future is the dream for everyone, but to make his dreams come true, he needs a proper instruction and help. And for this he needs an institution which will show him the right way for reaching his goal. Only a good institution can help one best in a right way.

My Opinion
In my opinion, Dhaka University is the best institution. This is the best and well established university in Bangladesh. This is the ideal place my dreams may come true as I think. And this is a place of mob of genius. I always dream to get admit and get higher education from this university. And I think anyone like me who want to get a proper higher education will choose this university. After a great effort and a long waiting, now I am a student of Dhaka University.

Dhaka University (history)
The University of Dhaka is the oldest university in Bangladesh. It is a multi-disciplinary research university and is among the top universities in the region. Established on July 21, 1921, as per the Government of India Act, 1920, it was modeled on the Universities in England and soon gained prominence. Students and teachers of this university have played a major part in shaping the history of Bangladesh. From its beginning, the University of Dhaka has been a place for many great scholars and scientists. From 1926 to 1945 the renowned physicist Satyendranath Bose served as a professor. It was during this period that he published his famous papers in collaboration with Albert Einstein, most notably defining Bose-Einstein condensate. After independence from the British Empire in 1947 it gained prominence as the leading university in East Pakistan. The university was witness to another historical event, as it was in the campus of Dhaka University that the original flag of Bangladesh was unfurled for the first time, at a time of national crisis with the Bangladesh Liberation War looming closer. Currently, it is the largest public university in Bangladesh, with about 33,000 students and nearly 1,805 teaching staff. It is the only university in Bangladesh to have been listed in AsiaWeek’s listing of top 100 Universities in Asia (64th).

Academic Departments of Dhaka University
The university has 66 departments under 13 faculties. The faculties are: * Faculty of Arts
* Faculty of Business Studies
* Faculty of Biological Science
* Faculty of Engineering & Technology
* Faculty of Education
* Faculty of Fine Arts
* Faculty of Law
* Faculty of Medicine
* Faculty of PGMR
* Faculty of Pharmacy
* Faculty of Science
* Faculty of Social Science
* Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Bureaus and Research Centers of Dhaka Universities
* Bureau of Economic Research
* Bureau of Business Research
* Bose Centre for Advanced Study and Research in Natural Sciences * Centre for Advanced Studies and Research in Biological Sciences * Dev Centre for Philosophical Studies
* Renewable Energy Research Centre
* Centre for Advanced Research in Humanities
* Centre for Advanced Research in Social Sciences
* Semiconductor Technology Research Centre
* Biotechnology Research Centre
* DU Cyber Centre
* Nazrul Research Centre
* Nazmul Karim Study Centre
* Disaster Research Training and Management Centre
* Dr. Sirajul Haque Islamic Research Centre
* Centre for Biomedical Research
* Bangladesh-Australia Centre for Environmental Research
* Delta Research Centre
* Centre for Advanced Research in Physical, Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences - The Centre of Excellence * Centre for Advanced Research in Arts and Social Sciences - The Centre of Excellence * Centre for Corporate Governance and Finance Studies

* Center for Microfinance and Development
* Japan Study Centre
* History Research Centre
* Centre for Development and Policy Research
* University and Industry Alliance
* Professor Dilip Kumar...
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