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My name is Sione Katiloka Fahamokioa and I was born in September 1981 in the Kingdom of Tonga. I worked in the Government since 2004 up to 2007 as a Cadet Draughtman 's officer with daily paid.In 2007 I got a Scholarship opportunity to Study in China for my Bachelor in the area of Architecture.

For as long as I can remember I have known what I wanted to do with my life and that is Architecture, this has always been a passion of mine but with a particular fascination for Building Design. I have relished the vision of being an professional Architect, making ground breaking contribution to the development of Infrastructure and my country, therefore my academic and professional goals are one as I apply for a scholarship to facilitate my masters program in Architectural design in China. The Southeast University, where am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Architecture on full scholarship, to be completed in June has facilitated my education into the field of Architecture through Design, Construction Management, Building Technology and Applying Computer for design Buildings.This education that has shaped my understanding of Architecture through practical (internship),professional teaching and experience of the University's professor plus their kindly and friendly.

I intended to further my knowledge and experience particularly for such field in the area of Architecture. Firstly the Architectural design, second is the Construction management, third is Researching for building technology and the last is learning about using Computer software for design buildings.

Furthermore, In Architectural Industry in China has developed very fast and huge in any type of buildings and it has amazing different styles with fantastic facade in many big city in China. Therefore I wished i could get those experience of designs to improve my experience in design. Kingdom of Tonga doesn't have Institute of Architecture to address design problem and there...
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