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Selfishness and greed are a part of every culture as they are a part of human nature, but they take root and flourish in environments that are more conducive to individualism, opportunism, commercialism


Chapter 1


This study is about the hiring system in Ilocos Sur. The hiring system has become an interesting topic nowadays since it is very relevant to current situation of the society which is the increasing rate in unemployment. Padrino System is the most common system that is very rampant in every place, wherein the person gets the job because he/she has relative in the company being applied to. In return this system creates undesirable outputs from the person hired. The topic Padrino System was selected and given emphasis by the author according to the relevance in today’s current situation. Each condition is specifically analyzed in different aspects and parts to further understand the study. In doing so, one will be able to broaden one’s ideas and analysis in certain conditions in relation to the topic about Padrino System. This will also have an analysis of the general condition using a theory application-which most probably is conflict theory, a theory discussed in class with relation to the theories presented about hiring.

This paper was developed as a requirement and further study of the Human Resource Development presented in class and as a meaningful output of all the lectures and discussions that happened during class. Analysis was done by choosing a theoretical orientation from the ones discussed in class. Students and professionals are the intended audiences of this study. This study will hopefully be of help in the development of concrete analysis and plans not just towards the Human Resource development in hiring, but of the holistic development as well. The informations contained in this study were based on researches provided by related literature and on- line based sources, more of secondary sources. Sources related to the study are referred to the bibliography at the end of the study. Conclusions are from the author of the text, as a product of understanding from the related sources. With all the informations and analysis represented, may this hopefully, a stepping stone in solving problems of today’s society. Objectives:

This study aims at definite objectives.
Generally, this study aims to:
1. To apply learned theories in Human Resource Development class through thorough research, investigation and analysis of the given data. 2. To understand Human Resource Development theories for further studies. 3. To be able to give out a concrete and useful out put out of the learned theoretical orientations discussed in class. Furthermore, it desires to accomplish these Specific objectives: 1. To construct a study applying the theories learned in Human Resource Development class. 2. To be able to provide informations in the up- to- date state of hiring. 3. To provide ways on how to alleviate the corrupt practice of Padrino System. Definition of Terms

1. Padrino System – (patronage in the Filipino culture and politics) is the value system where one gains favor, promotion, or political appointment through family affiliation (nepotism) or friendship (cronyism), as opposed to one's merit. 2. Nepotism - favoritism granted to relatives regardless of merit. 3. Cronyism - partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications.

Common Terms used as referred to Padrino System

1. Padrino system is also popularly known as balimbing (starfruit). 2. It's not what you know but who you know.
3. Lagay system
4. Bata-bata system

Chapter 2

a. Socio-Economic Factors
Economically, Padrino System is obviously challenged. Mostly, this is caused by the cultural value that has been inherited from...
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