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Topics: Cigarette, Nicotine, Tobacco Pages: 39 (9933 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Smoking Profile and Emotional Intelligence of
CLSU Student Smokers

Jessie Czar V. Samaniego


Smoking Profile and Emotional Intelligence of CLSU Smokers
Tobacco use is a foremost contributor to deaths from persistent and chronic diseases. There are 10 Filipinos who die every hour due to the health risks caused by cigarette smoking. In spite of the laws prohibiting cigarette advertisements, a number of young smokers have continued to grow. It appears to be disturbing that smokers tend to be getting younger. According to Everett (2002) of the Office on Smoking and Health National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, majority of students aged 16 years and older (60.4%) reported to have smoked a whole cigarette, and 11.1% initiated smoking at the age 10 or younger. Moreover, age of smoking initiation was significantly related to current frequent smoking, daily smoking and whether students had ever smoked daily. A younger age of smoking initiation was associated with smoking more cigarettes per day that was initiating at an older age. Many studies had been already conducted with regards to cigarette smoking. Exposure to cigarette advertising and having a companion who smoked was predictive of current smoking status (G. Botvin, Goldberg, Botvin & Dusenbury, 1993). Adolescents with high exposure to cigarette advertising were significantly to be smokers. Students who live in households with smokers were more likely to smoke, but parental disapproval of smoking was associated with a lower smoking rate (Martini & Sulistyowati, 2004). In addition, according to Da Silva Pinto and Aparecida Ribeiro (2007), the following factors were related with smoking initiation and current smoking: curiosity, presence of smokers as social contacts, not being praised for not smoking, and perceiving oneself as having poor or average scholastic performance. With regards to scholastic performance specifically, the result showed that the students who reported average or below average scholastic performance were more predisposed to the genesis and maintenance of the smoking habit. Moreover, in terms of cognitive state of students, it is found that nicotine intake could increase alertness and cognition. Personality on the other hand also considers a great predictor to use cigarette smoke. These personality dimensions are extraversion (E), agreeableness (A), conscientiousness (C), neuroticism or lack of emotional-stability (N), and openness to Experience (O). Extraversion is characterized as being energetic, talkative, sociable; agreeableness is characterized as being friendly, trusting, generous, and tolerant; conscientiousness is considered as being cautious, orderly, dependable, graceful, and responsible; neuroticism is characterized as being terse, anxious, and emotionally-unstable; openness is considered to be imaginative, and focused on wisdom, art, knowledge, and objectivity (Friedman & Schustack, 2003; Goldberg, 1990; McCrae & John, 1992). From this background, the researcher wants to determine the smoking profile of the respondents and determine the level of emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self motivation, managing emotions and empathy) of CLSU smoker students. It also aims to know the significant relationship between socio-demographic characteristics (age, year level, weekly allowance and number of family members) and smoking profile (age when smoking started, number of cigarette per day, money spend for smoking (daily), brand of cigarette, source of cigarette, activities while smoking, places where smoking, moods that triggers smoking, time of smoking, companions when smoking, number of sibling who smoke, parents who smoke, number Of friends who smoke and their reasons of smoking) of the CLSU smoker students in terms of their emotional intelligence occur. It also aims to know the significant relationship...
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