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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Review the following concepts and apply them to answer the following questions (circle correct answer).
****************************************************************************** CLASSICAL or Pavlovian CONDITIONING:
(CS)  (UCS) (UCR)  (CR)
Extinction: Repeatedly show the CS without following it with the UCS UCR Event Spontaneous Recovery: A CR which had been previously extinquished re-emerges after a CS Stimulus Generalization: a formerly neutral stimulus similar to a CS begins to evoke the CR Stimulus Discrimination: Responding to the original CS with the CR but not responding to a similar stimulus with the CR

1. In the TV car ad, the music swells as a car races along a twisting mountain road. The music makes the viewer feel excited and happy. The car manufacturer hopes that the viewers of the ad will experience the same happy feelings about this car when the viewer shops for a new car. If the ad is successful, the car will have become:

a. an unconditioned stimulus
b. a conditioned stimulus
c. an unconditioned response
d. a conditioned response
2. Darrel was dancing with his new girlfriend at an Elvis tribute. When the band started playing "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" his girlfriend gave him a long passionate kiss, which Darrel found very enjoyable. Now Darrel finds that every time he hears "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" on the radio, he becomes mildly excited. In this example, the long, passionate kiss is a. a conditioned stimulus

b. an unconditioned response
c. a conditioned response
d. an unconditioned stimulus
3. When Little Albert’s mother realized that JB Watson was training her jolly little boy to be fearful of white rats, rabbits and men with white beards, she took Little Albert and moved away. To this day we do not know if Little Albert continued to be fearful or whether, through repeated exposure to white rats and rabbits that were not followed by...
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