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Term Paper: A Key Concept in Information Systems
Protecting Information Resources
CIS Management Information Systems

The subject of my paper is about the history and origin of protecting information resources. Data protection dated back as far as 1890 was with the U.S. Census. Then, employers used a punch card to record equipment which was known as a tabulating machine. The punch cards were used for data storage for several years. The photo below shows what a punch card looks like. (Global Data Vault, 2012)

There were enough cards to create new ones if cards were lost or destroyed which was very good for companies back then. By the 1950’s, data storage was on a magnetic reel. The reels contained anywhere from 5 MB to 150 MB. That was definitely a lot of MB for the 1950’s. During later years, data storage was used on disks. Floppy disks as they were called held a lot of data as well. I do not believe there was a way for you to lock the disk to keep others from getting the information. As I recall floppy disks had a lock to keep you from erasing the data but not locking it so that no one could access the information stored on it. Now days, there are new ways for of protecting data. Computers back in the 50’s were very expensive to maintain but now, computers are more easily to maintain and operate.

In the old days, data protection had to be loaded on to computers. We now have to install data protection for our computers. The data that was accessed in the old days processed longer than they do now. Data that is being processed is now done in real time. The current use of protecting information resources is that the current systems have to utilize and address data formatting changes. These changes are quite difficult at times. The problem with these systems are that they separate the applications which in needed for a better solution of how data protection is used.

When beginning to store data of any kind, one must make certain that you look for a privacy policy on the web. The site will ask about registering or providing your information. Always read the policy carefully before you proceed with putting in data. Most privacy policies should be easy to read and understand. After reading the policy, make sure that there is a privacy seal which is a type of confirmation that the web site is playing by the rules with their privacy policies.

I believe that the attitudes towards protecting information resources is serious business for companies. There is a lot at stake if the proper precautions are not taken when dealing with protecting information resources. When intentional threats come in, companies have to find out the root of the problem before it’s too late. If they do not locate the threat in time, the stored data can be corrupted and misused by unauthorized users. Companies have to make certain that they are using a secure browser and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This helps with distorting passwords and purchasing information. Companies and employers can also get other information tips with the BBB at http://www.bbb.org/online or the Truste site at http://www.truste.org. When going to a website, always look at the search engine when typing in the address. To make sure you are on a secure website look to see if an s is at the end of http. If there is an s then you are on a secure website.

The strengths of protecting information resources are very easy to use. To protect information that is less sensitive, you can use a password to protect your files. This can come in handy if your computer is being accessed by an unauthorized user. I believe that by using biometric security will help to enhance security on your computers and data files. Some examples of biometric security would be facial recognition, hand geometry, iris analysis, palm prints, retinal scanning, vein analysis, and voice recognition. These particular examples are quite interesting for their uses. I feel that the most effective examples of...
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