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Topics: Bipolar disorder, Suicide, Major depressive disorder Pages: 23 (6635 words) Published: January 13, 2013
A Study or Research on Depression and Anxiety
Resulting to Suicide

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in English IV

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Mr. Gracia Rodel B. Deloria

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Shaira Kriss S. Chua

March 2012

Topic: A Study / Research on Depression and Anxiety
Resulting to Suicide
A.Overview of depression and anxiety as risk factors for suicide B.Frequency and occurrence
C.Significance of the Study
D.Objective the Study
B.Types of depression
1.Major depressive episode
2.Manic episode
3.Mixed episode
4.Dysthemic disorder
5.Unipolar depression
C.Causes and risk factors
D.Effects and dangers of suicide
E.Therapy and Preventions
B.Types of anxiety
1.Generalized anxiety
2.Phobic anxiety
3.Panic attack
C.Causes and risk factors
D.Effects and dangers of suicide
E. Therapy and prevention
A.Methods and types of suicide
1.as caused by depression
2.as caused by anxiety
C.Preventive Measures
VI.End Notes

Topic: A Study/ Research on Depression and Anxiety
Resulting to Suicide

I. Introduction
‘’ Anna” had been suffering from depression and anxiety attack since adolescence. Her depression started when her parents broke up while her anxiety attacks started her mother started working in Cebu, leaving Anna her psychological problems, but when she was 17, Anna did the ultimate act giving in to her depression, she committed to suicide by hanging.

This true story brings home the reality of the problems of depression and anxiety that could afflict individuals regardless of age, status, race, social standing or gender, and the intensity and severity of the pain they bring that could be lead to the ultimate act of suicide. Even the great Sir Winston Churchill suffered from depression in his lifestyle. Severe depression marked by prolonged and very deep sorrow and lowered self-esteem, and anxiety, a serious state of deep worry and panic, affect a large number of individuals today. Shimberg (1991) identifies depression as “ the most common biological disorder seen in psychiatry today that nobody can escape because people are either directly affected by it or try to cope with a family member who is affected with depression”

Aside from the ever-present danger and risk of suicide, depression and anxiety rob affected persons with loss of happiness and well being that could lead to physical, psychological and well social ailments. Many are prevented from going to school from finding or maintaining lucrative jobs, and from enjoying social activities with family and friends.

All of these negative effects and fatal impact on depression and anxiety make this study highly significant. This aims to show that depression and anxiety when left undetected o untreated would lead to suicide among teenagers and adults alike.

The second part of this study will present the salient facts about depression, its types, causes, risk factors, effects and dangers from suicide, as well as therapy and preventive measures to stop afflicted individuals from committing self-destruction.

The next part will present all the facts about anxiety, the different types or manifestations, cause, risk factors, effects, dangers of suicide and also therapy and preventive measures.
The least part will focus on suicide. -the types and methods, the statistics of suicide due to depression and anxiety and the preventive measures that must be done by those nearest to the afflicted people with suicidal tendencies.

II. Depression

Depression can be defined and described in various ways. Kyes and Hofling (1980) define it as a pathologic state, brought on the feelings of loss and/ or guilt and characterized by sadness and lowering of self-esteem.¹It may also be simply defined as a...
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