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Topics: Pakistan, Kashmir, India Pages: 4 (1644 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Mangal S. Kalsi

. Should India allow Kashmir to become an independent state?

Against: No, India should not allow Kashmir to become an independent state because… 1.Kashmir provides a great deal of protection by serving as a border. 2.Indians will lose the right to visit these religious sites. 3.The control of the Indus River is very important in a long run. 4.It is a great place for tourism and helps with local and Indian economy. .

In favor: Yes, India should allow Kashmir to become an independent state because….. 1.Independent Kashmir can solve lots of present issues.
2.India should respect the wishes of the local population.
3.U.N. can provide support to establish peace in the region. I am very fortunate to relate myself to a family where my grandparents and parents were born in Lahore, Pakistan; while I was born in India and that is where I grew up. I have learned a lot about both sides and their culture as my parents and grandparents told me their stories about partition of India and Pakistan. I also had an opportunity to visit Srinagar (summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir) in 1989 during my Army School summer competitions. Kashmir is stunning and holds the natural beauty like no other place due to its snowcapped mountains, wildflower meadows, glaciers, and sparkling lakes. Kashmir is often compared to heaven on earth due to its beauty. However, this beautiful image of Kashmir has been replaced by a frightening place. India and Pakistan claims the ownership of Kashmir and this conflict resulted in two wars. These two wars caused thousands of deaths, human rights violation, and ill feelings between Hindu and Muslim population. When both countries established themselves as nuclear powers in 1998, everyone feared a nuclear dispute between these two countries due to Kashmir. In 1947 India and Pakistan came into exist when Britain divided both countries based on their religion. Hindus stayed in India while Muslims migrated to Pakistan. India...
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