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English Communicative Maximum marks: 80 Time-3hours The question paper is divided into four sections.Section A: Reading comprehension 20 marksSection B: Writing 20 marksSection C: Grammar 20 marksSection D: Literature 20 marksSECTION A(READING -20 MARKS)Q1 Read the following passage carefully. (5 Marks)Sponsored FestivalsThis is the high noon of the Age of Sponsorship. For several years now, we have become used to all kinds of events being sponsored. In many newspapers, every possible feature, barring the editorials, is sponsored. Even the daily weather report is.Student organizations, which were once content to hold low-key festivals in their college, now find corporate sponsors and get massive media exposure for such events.Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival was once an affair confined to individual homes. Today, in Mumbai it provides competition for rival sponsors as the size of the idols grows in height and girth every year and the festivities are held with greater gusto and noiseDuring Dushera, Mumbai reverberates to the beat of drums. Thousands of young people spend nights dancing to the various versions of the traditional Gujarati ‘garba’ dance- including the mutant-“disco garba”. It is one of those strange twists of irony that dance, which actually liberated women and gave them a legitimate reason to dance their hearts out, has now become a highly sponsored event in which there is no place for traditional ‘garba’ dancers. In the past, the dancing was free of both self consciousness, as it was a women’s dance, and commerce as it was held in the courtyard.Thus each year something precious is being lost –and the worst part of it is that the majority of us are not even aware of it.Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate options from the ones given below:1) It is called the age of sponsorship asa) there’s too much money in the marketb) newspapers , festivals in colleges are all commercializedc) common man loves the paraphernaliad) money attracts the common man2) The role Garba played in the lives of the women in the past was to a) help them get rid of their inhibitionsb) provide a stage for their talentc) root them in traditiond) prove commercially viable for them3) Today Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that a) is confined to individual homesb) provides an opportunity for sponsors to invest moneyc) is held with great fanfared) has a few sponsors4) ‘Mutant ’ in para 4 meansa) crazyb) unimaginablec) dangerousd) adapted or changed5) According to the author the greatest tragedy of sponsorship isa) the loss of moneyb) the focus on unnecessary expenditurec) the common man is being dupedd) the loss of the essence of our culture without realizing it Q2 Read the following poem carefully: (5 Marks) WHAT I LEAVE TO MY SONNo point in leaving you a long listOf those who have diedEven if I limit it to my friends and your unclesIt won’t do. Who could remember them all?My son, isn’t it true?The obituaries leave me indifferentas the weather. Sometimes they seem to matterEven less: How can that be, my son?I’ll leave you , yes,A treasure I’m always seeking, never findingCan you guess? Something wondrousSomething my father wanted for meAlthough (poor man!) it’s been nothingBut a mirage in the desertOf my life.My soul will join his now, prayingThat your generation may find...
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