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Topics: Human sexual behavior, Leave of absence, Leave Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: June 20, 2012
Running head: UNIT 7 Unit 7 Project 1

Unit 7 Project


Supervisory Practices in Criminal Justice

March 29, 2012

Unit 7 Project 2

I must say that this is the best Case Study that I’ve had throughout this entire course. I do consider Sgt. Williams a good officer but I think that his judgment should have been much better in the beginning to avoid this situation. Sgt. Williams did admit that FTO Tibbetts was a very handsome young man with the reputation of a “womanizer”, and Officer Roberts was a single, young attractive female. I think that Sgt. Williams should have made the decision that he felt was best because he had a small doubt at first but he insisted that both would be okay working with each other. I do think that when you are in important authority decision such as this, you should carefully evaluate your plan. FTO Tibbetts was considered the best FTO on the force but I do believe that there could’ve been another FTO in the department that she could’ve been placed with.

I don’t think that Sgt. Williams made the best decision for the force. I think by the decision that he made, he practically ruined two lives. Officer Roberts life is ruined because she had a sexual relationship with a married police officer and now she’s pregnant by him and she stated that she became pregnant while on duty. Her career will never be the same because she broke the law as a sworn police officer. FTO Tibbetts live will be the most affected because he has a very good reputation on the force and people considered him very good at his job and now he will be at risk of ruining that. He has a wife and children and a very good career that’s at stake because he had sexual affair with a co-worker on the job. This will also look very bad for the department because the question will arise as to why didn’t the first-line supervisors see what was going on before it...
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