Term Limits for Congress

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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Are term limits for Congress going to fix the corruption or end-less spending on big business agendas? There are multiple avenues that can be explored with this question and can go into much detail and side streets as possibly can be imagined, but the research that was done came back to three reasons why this would not work with each being worth mentioning. The main idea that was brought up was that term limits on Congress would be “unconstitutional”. As it stands now there is no amendment that states any restriction on the number or the time that a Congress person can be in office excluding the President. Second most noted reason is that it would remove the good along with the bad politicians and make for an inexperienced Congress. With the possibility of powerful staff members, lobbyists and bureaucracies if there are young or less experienced Politian’s in office. Third most voiced issue would be that of reducing the voter’s choice. This argument will be demonstrated not to be true.

The idea that term limits would go against the constitution is not a true fact. Term limits were proposed during the formation of the American democracy by Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. They proposed this to try and “eliminate the possibility of any tyranny that could come from being in office to long, and considering the fact that they had just won the freedom from Great Britain and King Louis the XVI”. This idea of term limits has been around for some time in the United States and has been addressed as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. There is no evidence that has been found during the research for this essay that said anything about term limits ever being instated in ancient Greece or Rome, but that is not to say that it did not happen even if for a short period. Term limits have been instated in multiple states. Fifteen have term limits in effect and Florida just passed a term limit law. The six states that had term limits have had...
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