Teradyne Corporation: the Jaguar Project Breakdown

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Teradyne Corporation: The Jaguar Project Breakdown
My mentor once told me, “You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.” This was one of many life lessons that my mentor taught me as I entered my brand new career as being a program manager back in 2003. The concept of this quote never really hit home with me until I sat in my first Program Management Review (PMR). As the defense contractor began to explain why the project was behind schedule and why the EVM numbers were the way they were was simply because they were using old tactics and PM tools to try to manage an innovative program that had to be in the warfighters’ hands yesterday. Even with them doubling their manpower and approving overtime on the weekends, they were still behind. I simply remembered what my boss told me, and I said the following: “Gentlemen, you all are working harder and not smarter. The data shows that there are definitely some efficiencies to be garnered in certain areas of our manufacturing processes. Now, as the government POC, I cannot tell you how to run your company nor will I. I will however offer you all a different perspective: Progress is impossible without change.” Themes and issues facing Teradyne – at least 3

Compare and contrast at least 3 different elements of their strategy Discuss at least 3 impacts on behavior
Discuss at least 3 influences of performance
Discuss at least 4 unintended consequences and lessons learned
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