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Topic: why do Jess and Leslie create Terabithia? What does it represent to them?

There are two kids named Jess and Leslie in the book “Bridge to Terabithia”. As two friends they have create Terabithia. They would go there everyday even if they’re happy or sad they would still go.

Jess creates Terabithia so he can get away from the real world because his dad doesn’t treat him the way he treats his sisters and he felt left out. He wouldn’t even dare to show his dad his drawing again ever since first grade. His sisters Brenda and Ellie isn’t nice, Brenda said “Oooo, momma, he sinks” which was referring to Jess, they always leave chores for him. In Terabithia jess’s drawings are respected and he is treated better. Leslie has a similar problem.

Leslie wanted to get way from problem at school. The boys tease her at school for being different. Gary made fun of her after winning a boy race. Leslie likes to imagine and make believes, in Terabithia no one make fun of her and she is treated pretty good. Terabithia means more.

Terabithia represent Leslie and jess’s friendship and freedom. Only jess and Leslie goes there and they run the kingdom. They all respect each other aren’t like the real world, they kept Terabithia as their secret. In Terabithia Jess and Leslie are royalty as they are the king and queen of Terabithia. They create Terabithia as two really good friends. They had turned their creation into something huge.

Terabithia is a place where Jess and Leslie get away from the world and made their own, it represent their freedom and friendship. Jess would never go without Leslie.
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