Tension in South and North

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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It all started after the American Revolution when the north states decided to abolish slavery within their states constitution. The south did not abolish it and they kept having slaves working for them. Little by little the north and the south started to have problems because they could not agree in anything. The north wanted the south to abolish slavery but the south refused. The life for a black slave was really different in the north and in the south. In the north the slaves had a better life and a good life expectancy. By 1847 all northern states abolish slavery. The first one to abolish slavery was the states of Vermont in 1777. Blacks would be free at birth but some masters would grant freedom to their slaves. Since most of the slaves were free in the north they would start working in little shops. You would even have some blacks that have their own little shops, but it was really difficult to get white customers. Even though the slaves were free form birth they were not considered citizens of the United States. In 1892 congress limited the rights of citizenship they would only give it to white persons. They also restricted blacks from joining the military. They did have some rights, in Massachusetts they offered free slaves the right to vote and the right for blacks and white to intermarry. They would not allow blacks to serve as jury and they were not able to move freely to place to place. Some blacks wanted more freedom; in 1787 some black leaders in Philadelphia formed the “Free African Society”. By 1790 the first independent black church in the north would be establish. Churches were very important to blacks because they would practice their own culture. Everything was so different in the south. Slaves did not have any rights what so ever. South would not care about the slaves they would only care about their work production and making sure that the job was done correctly. The south was based on agricultural economy. In the agricultural economy one...
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