Tense and Aspect in English and Arabic

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  • Published: November 26, 2012
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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Higher Education King Abdual Al. Aziz University

Faculty of art and humanities English department

Tense and aspect in English and Arabic
Aziza Attia Al. Zharani .
Supervised : Dr. Salha Al. Qarni .


objective methodology:
Title of research :
Tense and aspect in English and Arabic .
Need for the study :
-the reasons that make to interest about the tense and aspect such as explain to definition and types in a tense and aspect in English and Arabic and structure the verb phrase in sentences in English and Arabic . The research will be includes:

* Verb phrase in English .
*tense and aspect in English .
* Verb phrase in Arabic .
*tense and aspect in Arabic .
*conclusion .
* bibliography.
statement of the problem :
tense and aspect in English and Arabic and some suggestion to solve the problem . disguise the difference in Arabic and explain the similar between two language . definition of terms :
tense :a morphological category so aorist tense means a particular form of the verb . aspect: a category used in describing how the action of a verb is marked. Verb phrase: Verb phrase consists of a verb and all the words and words groups that belong the verb and cluster around it. Hypothesis :

-the research gives the students a brief glimpse of the theory and practice . -to explain the mistakes that most people felt in it ,a particular in tense and aspect and generally in much grammar. In the research try to solve some common mistakes. -to study the difference structure...
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