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Topics: Tennis, Montreal Alouettes, Montreal Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Aurelie Rodriguez
Freshman Composition 1
M-W 10-10:50
My passion for tennis
As a young girl, I loved being outside. Whether it was playing sports with my sister and father, riding my bicycle or swimming with my family, I just loved the outdoors. My passion for tennis started when I moved to Las Vegas for my father’s work. My parents signed me up in several sports ands activities such as dance, soccer, gymnastics and tennis. Out of all these sports, I decided to continue playing tennis. I was 4 and half when I started kindergarten and it was difficult at first to go from French to English. My mother came to school with me and translated everything that the teacher wrote on the board. I have to say that going from French to English was probably the hardest thing about moving.

A few weeks after school started, my parents signed me up for tennis camps. My coach, Gordon Hammond, had played for a division 1 university and happened to be from Vancouver, Canada. Those tennis camps helped me with my English, helped me make new friends and it was a fun game/hobby that soon turned into a passion. Every morning before school, I had a private lesson with Gordon and then headed for class. As soon as I got back from school, I would put my tennis clothes and go hit tennis balls with him. He was such a passionate coach which helped me love tennis. To be honest, I could have spent 3 or 4 hours on a tennis court and still wanted to hit. At 8 years old, I started playing competitive tennis. Competing against other girls was fun and I liked the challenge that it brought me. After living 4 years in Las Vegas, my family and I moved back to Montreal, Canada. The transition was even more challenging both in tennis and at school. Playing indoors was difficult because of the fast court surface. Learning French is much harder than learning English so I was challenged every day. I got into a tennis sports-study program in high-school. The schedule required...
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