Tennessee Valley Authority Persuasive Essay

Topics: Tennessee Valley Authority, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Tennessee River Pages: 4 (1353 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Jack Li
Ms. Woodward
English 9 R Gamma
5 November 2012

Once, long ago, this valley was abundant with fertile soil. Farmers and their families settled here and for a time, all was perfect. However the sheer amount of farmers planting crops depleted the soil of its minerals. The river basin often flooded and demolished what remained of the farmers’ homes. Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the Tennessee Valley Authority to alleviate some of the problems ailing the farmers. In the present, the TVA still supplements the Tennessee Valley and its surrounding areas by providing electricity and maintaining the air quality.

The Tennessee Valley Authority was created to help revitalize the Tennessee Valley, which was in poor shape even before the Great Depression. Although the valley contained much fertile soil, most of it “had been farmed too hard for too long, eroding and depleting the soil (“From the New Deal to a New Century”). No electricity existed in the Tennessee Valley at this time, so without land to farm, there was no way for people there to make money. On top of the fact that there was little available farmland, the people living in the Tennessee Valley could not “control the destructive flood waters in the Tennessee River and Mississippi River basins” (Kyle A. Loring). Because of this, much of the usable farmland was destroyed along with some of the citizens’ dwellings. Without electricity, the peoples’ only efficient job prospect was farming. Such problems were beyond one state’s power to handle, and they would require intervention from the government.

In his ongoing dream to rid America of the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1933. The TVA was created to “address a wide range of environmental, economic, and technological issues, including the delivery of low-cost electricity and the management of natural resources” (“From the New Deal to a New Century”). TVA’s solutions to one problem often tie...
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