Tennessee Valley Authority

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The Tennessee Valley Authority


The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was the first large regional planning agency created by the United States Government in May of 1933. The TVA was one of the most innovative and significant ideas of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to help tackle the economic, social, and political problems in the Tennessee Valley, a region with no economic growth and was heavily impacted before and after the Great Depression. The TVA is a federally owned corporation that provided a series of environmental regulations and resource management to help stabilize and generate economic growth in the Tennessee Valley. The regulation includes: flood control, fertilizer manufacturing, electrical generation, and economic development. The TVA was a significant economic development agency and a regulator during the time. This paper will provide the history and the foundation of the TVA and the essential significance of it to help construct and developed economic and political achievement from regionally to nationally. Tennessee Valley

The Tennessee Valley was one of the most impoverished and poor areas of the United States. This region was one of the hardest hit regions after the Great Depression. Much of the land had been farmed too hard for too long, which erodes and depleted the soil (Ezzell). Crop productions had fallen along with farm incomes. Sadly, this region showed no economic growth before and after the Great Depression. Due to this reason the government had established the Tennessee Valley Authority. Tennessee Valley Authority in the 1930s

When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the election of 1932, he pledged himself to the American people for a “New Deal”. This order of central economic agenda and economic stimulus plan includes the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). On March 1933, Congress and President Roosevelt passed the Tennessee Valley Authority Act to aim for reforestation and the proper use of the...
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