Tennessee Highway Patrol

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The Tennessee Highway Patrol began on December 14, 1929 to take the place of the Tennessee State Police Force, which was formed in 1926 to be just like the Texas Rangers. In 1957 the Tennessee Highway Patrol was the first to use helicopters and operate patrol work. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is also known as the THP. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is the highway patrol bureau and is state police organization for the United States of Tennessee. The THP is in charge of imposing all federal and state legislation relating to traffic on the states federal and state highways. The agency was invented to guard lives, property, and the constitutional rights of the people in Tennessee. The THP is a branch of the Tennessee Department of Safety. The Tennessee Highway Patrol supplies help to the motorists when they need it. They also investigate traffic collisions involving property destruction, personal injuries, and even death. The bureau works with prosecutors in the prosecution of cases in which the exploit of drugs or alcohol are playing a role in the accidents causing personal injuries or fatalities. The Tennessee highway patrol also has some responsibility in criminal interdiction, which involves the containment of narcotics on the state’s roads and highways, as well as interstate highways. Not only is it the agencies responsibility to do all these things, but it is also their responsibility to administer background checks on applicants for permits to carry handguns.

The head of the Tennessee Highway Patrol is Colonel Tracy Trott. He has served with the organization since 1978 and has been the head of the Tennessee Highway Patrol since 2010. The Headquarters for the THP is located in Nashville, TN, which is the state capital. The agencies field operation is distributed geographically into eight districts. Each of these districts have a district headquarter and a fluctuating amount of troops. In September 2007, the Tennessee Highway Patrol was...
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