Tendency of Falling Into Unhealthy Diet

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Eating Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: April 28, 2013
In an American culture, is most often finding cheap meals, canned and frozen food, and bad eating habits, can people get an unhealthy diet. Today, we enjoy a lot of technology, which comes loaded of advertising. Many of these ads are about restaurants, fast food, and how to prepare a meal in fifteen minutes. In consequence, these ads are hitting us each minute that we are using the technology, for example; when we use the television, social networking and even in movies theaters. We are in continuing attack, by these ads every day. For many American families, who have a fast pace life; it is find it easier and faster and convenient go to the fast food, or go to the supermarket and get frozen meals. However, you can add to this, the lack of exercises in the daily life of most 90% of American people.

The people forget, of what is healthier for eat, and even they lost the appetite for home cooking taste. In a recent poll published by the center of culinary development, reflex, that American people are more demanding at lunchtime, and they most are increasingly looking for spicy, salty, and sweet foods.

Also, we can observe that we are surrounded by different restaurants, fast food places, and places where like all you can eat buffet. Most of these restaurants are located in convenient locations, either in the corner of the house, in malls, or near work and in addiction to that, we could ask for delivery. Many of these meals are high in salt, fat, and carbohydrates, but many people find, that it tastes nice and makes you feel full very fast. This makes most of the people fall into an unhealthy diet, especially people with rhythms accelerated life. These could be some of the reasons, what most of the people fall into an unhealthy nutrition.

Many people buy frozen dinners found in the freezer section of supermarkets. But, they do not realize that many of these foods do not contain fruits and vegetables, which are good for our health. The vast majority of these...
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