Tenaga National Berhad

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Economic factors of Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Economic Growth
According to the research I did, when the economic growth, the demand of the electric will increase also, therefore the income of the TNB(Tenaga Nasional Berhad) will increase.For example, some factory they will need to increase their product, by buying more machine or take much more time to increase their product to supply the product based on the demand of the consumer needed since when the economic growth, the purchasing power of the consumer also will increase.

Interest rates
Interest rates also play an important role to the TNB. Since for a small rise of the interest rate may influnce the profit to become loss. I was read the article from Noor Yahaya Hamzah. In the article, I was seen that TNB was had a huge debt on 2005. Let assume TNB was had 30 billion bank loans, and 1% of the interest rate with the 1.2billion profit. 1 percent of 30 billion is 300million, so the profit will have 900million. But when the interest rate was increased from 1% to 4%, the 4 percent of the 300million is 1.2billion, so the TNB will get loss for this year.

Exchange Rates
The location of the bussiness also one of the factors to get more profit or get loss for a business. Since different location will have different currency, so that will have a different exchange rates also. For example when the payment is 100million Pound, and the recently exchange rate is 4.8404 that mean TNB need to pay RM 484.04million, but if the exchange rate is for last time is around 7.0+/- that mean TNB need to pay around RM 700million for the 100 million pound. There is a huge different which can make it get profit or loss for this payment.

When the taxation increase, the profit of the company will decrease.For example, 25% taxation recently, RM 300 million will get 75million taxation fees, but 28% taxation will get 84million taxation fees. There are 9million expenses for the company, just the small changes of the taxation rates.But when the taxation rate increase, the expenses of the company will increase also, they will spend their to buy machine, vehicle and others utilities to decrease the profit they get, so that no need to pay too much tax. By this the profit of the TNB will increase, since for the machine or the other utilies such as electrical products will increase the usage of the electrical.

When the inflation rate increase,the demand of the consumer will decrease.For example the air conditional is RM 1000 last time, now already increase from RM 1000 to RM 1500, so that not everyone can consume the products which under higher inflation rate. By this the demand of the electrical products or other utilies will decrease. So the demand of the electricity will decrease also. Therefore the profit of TNB will decrease.

Social factors of Tenaga Nasional Berhad

TNB is a Malaysia-based electric utility services provider which partially-owned by Malaysia government. Until the mid nineteen twenties, most generating plants were small and used a variety of fuel including low grade coal, local wood, charcoal and important oil as well as water power.Large scale planning, huge sums of capital from overseas and hiring of foreign technical experts increase because of rapid increase in electricity demands.Now,TNB has an installed capacity of...
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