Ten Reasons Why I Love Her

Topics: Beauty, Life, Need Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: April 29, 2013
1. Her Heart – Her heart is pure and untainted by the lust and the desires of success her heart seeks to help people First 2. Her voice – As a wise women she uses her words wisely she is quiet and doesn’t speak harshly .. but when she does speak she speaks firmly with strong compassion and conviction for what ever she believes in.. She’s not rude but will be honest. She speaks tenderly in times of depression .. yet she knows how to use it for the glory of God through. Praise.. Worship.. Singing.. Preaching.. and Loving all that are in need.

3. Her Ability- I love her ability to love without restraint.. Her ability to see beyond the mistakes and the shortcoming in one’s specifically my life and speak life to what God has said and is not too concerned about the mess that I’ve caused. I love Her Ability to authentically worship and seek God’s face for guidance.. wisdom.. strength. Insight.. understanding…patience.. peace. I love her ability to preserver her when times get hard and her ability to stick and commit to whatever she’s put her hands to..doing all that she does unto the Lord. Her ability to bring change in one’s life though her giving heart. And I love Her ability to be stern and firm on what and who she believes in. I love her ability to think and act for her self .. not being dependent of others but will do whatever she needs to do to get the job done.

4. Her Willingness to serve- She is genuinely concerned with the well being of those around her and those who are less fortunate than others. She serves God with all that she has and all that she is.

5. Her Smile- When she smiles she reminds me that I have a reason worth living for.. Her smile is a suttle soft kiss on my conscious .. It brightens up my day.

6. Her Hair – Her hair is flows… and is a direct representation of her Glory… an outer expression of her inner beauty.. and is a representation of her desire to serve.. and lead God people.

7. Her Strength- Her ability to...
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