Ten Positive Things About Adhd

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  • Published : November 6, 2011
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Is your child ADHD/ADD?
Are they misunderstood?
Are they being medicated?
Are they having difficulties in school?
Do they need help with their homework and revision for exams?


1)ADHD/ADD is an ability not a disability. Students with ADHD/ADD learning styles are different to the majority of people that is all. 2)ADHD/ADD students are gifted and these gifts should be looked upon as positive rather than negative. Teachers of ADHD/ADD students need to be taught how to teach to their ADHD/ADD students learning style. The Education System needs to understand this too. 3)ADHD/ADD students add value to the Education System and it is a total misconception and criminal that they should be treated as special need students. The System needs to rethink a learning strategy to help ADHD/ADD students reach their full potential. The present situation of medicating them is not I believe the only solution. 4)ADHD/ADD students are very understanding as they know what it is like to be misunderstood. The Education System needs to understand their learning patterns and when they are understood they the educated will become the educators. 5)ADHD/ADD students/people are exceptionally sensitive with very strong values and ideas but when misunderstood and their core values challenged. It is only then they will become defensive and reactive. 6)ADHD/ADD students learn faster than the majority of students but because of this ability they miss steps and can get question wrong on the first go. This is where the teacher needs to step in and show the ADHD/ADD student to remember each step. 7)ADHD/ADD students have prolonged concentration when they learn from material of great interest and which fits their learning style. If the material is of no interest and not taught according to their learning style they will find it very difficult to engage in the learning experience. The become restless and distracted and want...
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