Ten Mega Trends Shaping the Catholic Church

Topics: Pope John Paul II, Catholic Church, Pope Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Ten Mega Trends Shaping the Catholic Church
The article is about major events from the past which have affected Catholicism. Through the years, a lot have had happen in the world and have changed the face of the Church. The author listed his ten mega trends which he believes have moved Catholicism and formed the religion what we know today. The first on the list was how Catholics from 1st world regions, namely Europe and North America have decreased while poorer regions such as South Africa and Asian regions have increased significantly. I believe this is quite alarming because progressing regions are becoming less interested and/less faithful on Catholicism. With this pattern, we should be scared that our religion would be facing more problems as the world become more advance and technology operated. It is because people would be living in the present and be more concerned about the improvement of life and have lesser importance for the spiritual growth since people would want to see progress in their lives. Next is about the quest for Catholic identity which states that the problem is that we reject the objective truth or agreeing on one truth. This problem divides the church members because of different education in religion to liturgy. This is a problem because of the different ideologies of people explaining similar subjects create a confusion which causes also a divide between Catholics. I think that this is both good and bad. Good in the sense that people may further explain and share rich thoughts to others and bad because, again it can also create confusion. But confusion can be fixed by making a more flexible truth, meaning having it explained in different point of views which will help the church communicate better to people. Because I believe in a single truth, but a single truth holds a million of point of view. It is like looking at the sun from different parts of the world which gives you different point of views but all true. Third is the rise...
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