Ten Dimensions of Education

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Ten Dimensions Reflective Essay
By: Tyler Bishop

This essay will define the “Ten Dimensions” model for new teachers. Each paragraph will define and provide an example for each and how it relates to new teachers . In this particular essay, I will be talking about three dimensions as opposed to all ten.

In teaching you come across diversity in many, not just in race but in, language, disabilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and more. It is very important to all teacher, especially new teachers, to not only to be aware of these but be educated and understanding of them. Because, once you begin to understand your students diversity your experience with teaching them will become a lot smoother. Another very important dimension of teaching and the success of your teaching experience is collaboration. In teaching one is often paired with many other teachers in his/her subject or grade level. To get optimum success it is very helpful to meet with other teachers laying out lesson plans and sharing possible ideas with one another creating to optimum learning environment Some might argue that this dimension is by far the most important characteristic of a teacher, this dimension is caring. Caring for your students goes much farther than just being nice. Those who are truly caring have a deep and heartfelt desire to make sure their students are happy and successful during their time as teacher. This dimension relates somewhat back to the earlier dimesion of diversity. If you truly care about your students you will take time to learn about why and how they are different.
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