Ten Common Misconceptions About Communication

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Models Of Communication
Two essentially different models of human communication are addressed in this section – rhetorical and interpersonal. The rhetorical model is characterized by intentional nature. The primary elements or components of this model are the source, message, channel and receiver. This model looks at three separate events: what takes place with the source before communication; what takes place during communication; and what takes place with the receiver following communication. The source focuses on the investigation process, which includes: * Conceiving of an idea

* Determining the intent or goal
* Selecting what is necessary to stimulate the mind of the receiver After the investigation process, the source undertakes the encoding process, which includes: * Creating the message
* Adapting it to the receiver
* Deciding on the channel of transmission
The receiver now gets involved and undergoes the decoding process, which includes: * Sensing the source’s message (hearing, seeing, reading, etc.) * Interpreting the source’s message
* Evaluating the source’s message
* Responding to the source’s message (feedback)
Rhetorical communication is said to be successful if the actions and/or thoughts that the receiver responds with are what the source intended. One final element can be found in rhetorical communication – noise. Noise is defined as anything that prevents a receiver from accurately being able to interpret a message. Noise can either be internal or external. Internal noise is something, whether psychological or physiological, that preoccupies the receiver’s ability to interpret the message. External noise is anything that is going on in the environment that affects the interpretation of the message. Noise need not be restricted to the channel through which the message is conveyed. One model of interpersonal communication, though there are several, is one that takes place between two...
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